Aid Provided - Grand Total
Total Fund
32,902,257,786 Billion USD

123,383,466,696 Billion SAR
These are projects that have been provided to foreign countries by Saudi Arabian entities
Number Of Projects
Total Fund
31,972,546,527 Billion USD

119,897,049,478 Billion SAR

Beneficiary Countries
These are contributions to international organizations that have been provided by Saudi Arabian entities
Number of Financial Contributions (budget support)
Total Financial Contribution (budget support)
929,711,258 Million USD

3,486,417,218 Billion SAR

Beneficiary Institution
Top 5 Aid recipient Countries
Country Total Funds in USD Total Projects
Yemen 13,459,460,323 305
Syrian Arab Republic 2,444,851,362 155
Egypt 1,849,612,404 20
Niger (the) 1,230,404,364 7
Mauritania 1,219,457,125 14
Beneficiaries in Contributions(Top 5)
Beneficiary Total Funds in USD Total Contributions
United Nations 303,376,578 45
Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council 225,849,264 23
League of Arab States 140,810,235 28
United Nations Development Programme 80,200,000 24
Organization of the Islamic Cooperation 48,395,849 21

Saudi Entities

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Welcome to the Saudi Aid Platform
The platform provides a comprehensive information on Saudi Arabia's humanitarian, developmental and charitable aid and contributions.
Today, all Saudi donors entities cooperate to provide the platform with all the documented aid and contributions in detail. The registration process goes through three consecutive stages of recording the Kingdom's history of provided aid and contributions:
- Phase I: which includes aid and contributions from 2007 to 2017 (currently)
- Phase II: which includes aid and contributions from 1996 to 2007
- Phase III: which includes the rest of aid and contributions since the establishment of the Kingdom